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Upcoming Event

July 2022 | Stay with the Know Course

We would like to invite you to join the Dharma practice course ‘Stay with the Know’ (Vipassana Meditation Course) by Master Amnart Opaso via recording, from 28 – 31 July 2022, at the Patijasamupbat Foundation, Phichit province, Thailand. The event is open for up to 50 applicants.

July 2022 | Youth Ambassador for Peace Program

Thai Youths are invited to participate in building peace in Kingdom of Thailand and throughout the rest of the world under ‘Youth Ambassador for Peace Program’. It’s a chance to win a study trip to Germany and neighboring European countries, for an opportunity to experience and exchange academic knowledge on arts and culture. Furthermore, submit your peace project with the theme ‘Youth Ambassador for Peace of Mankind: Accepting Differences and Inner Peace for Sustainable Future”, to win a plaque of honor and prize money worth THB700,000.

July 2022 | Peace Program: Think Creatively for Peace

We have the pleasure to invite you to join the ‘Youth Ambassador for Peace of Mankind’ workshop activity, that will take place on 23 July 2022, by Got Jirayu (Actor). The training program aims to raise the next generation of peace builders who are the key to bring awareness to the importance of recognizing diversity as a means to achieve inner peace, leading towards sustainable peace.

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