“Even if this life came to an end without me reaching any goal, I would let it, without thinking of it as a failure. My journey has begun.”


With such realization and determination, Amnart embarked up on his search for the true Dhamma enlightenment. He took teachings with several revered Thai Buddhist masters known for their dedicated meditation practices such as Buddhadasa Bhikkhu of Suan Mokkh Forest Monastery, Master Sangwan Khemgo in Chainart province, Master Bhuddha Tawaro in Suphanburi province and Master Tes Taerangsri of Hin Mak Peng Temple in Nongkhai province, Thailand.


Art and Dhamma have been interwoven as a part of Master Amnart’s spirit ever since he was young. During his teenage years, the young Amnart’s journey to enlightenment led him to meet with Master Tes Tesrangsri of Wat Hin Mak Peng Temple inNongkhai province, Thailand, where he was introduced to the Four Principles : “Practice only one precept, maintain a normal state of mind and do not let it wander. Stay mindful, discover the mind.” The teachingshave become the guiding light of Master Amnart’s practice of Dhamma.